Toilets & Cistern

Celtic Plumbing can repair and supply & install all types of toilet suites.

One of the best water saving devices on the market is the dual flush cistern. A 3/6 litre cistern is the most water efficient and these units can save as much as 8 litres of water compared to traditional cisterns… with every flush!

A leaking toilet cistern can be waste up to 16,000 litres of water in a year – and you might not even be aware of it.

If you have a toilet or cistern that needs to be repaired or you would like to update your toilet suite, contact Celtic Plumbing today!

Blocked Sewers & Drains

We are the experts in ensuring your drains are free of tree roots and other debris. Our modern high pressure sewer jetter will chew through the toughest debris to clear any clogged drain.

For more specialised or reoccurring problems , we have the latest technology available. Now through the eyes of a sewer cam we can identify the cause of any blockage quickly with minimum intervention. A drain camera can be guided down your sewer or drainage pipes to identify the source of the problem. As it moves along we can see exactly what is occurring and problem spots can be easily identified & repaired.

Water leaks/Burst Pipes

It can be difficult to determine if you have a water leak in your home or business but if you suspect you may have a problem, you should have it checked quickly because if left undetected, apart from costing you money, it can cause major property damage. Electronic leak detection involves using a state of the art acoustic water leak detector to pinpoint water leaks enabling fast efficient repair.

If you have a burst pipe, Celtic Plumbing can quickly & efficiently repair any spot leaks on your pipes with minimum fuss.


Servicing & repairing tapware is one of the jobs we do almost every day. But we do more than just change the washers. A full tap service doesn’t just stop leaks but leaves the taps smooth & easy to use. A faulty “O”ring or washer can be the cause of a leak in a cupboard or cavity wall.

Ask about our specials to reseat & replace washer kits in up to 8 taps or consider revamping your bathroom & replace all your old tapware to quickly & easily update your bathroom

Bathrooms, Kitchens & Laundries

Your “wet” areas may be the smallest rooms in your house but definitely the most important. If you are looking to complete any renovations or repairs, Celtic Plumbing & Gas can offer you an obligation free quote.